An unrivalled and striking contemporary art collection by world famous artists adorns the campus, truly setting it apart from any other working environment in London.

The collection spans a wide range of eras, media and styles, from Jeff Koons’ Baroque Egg with Bow which sits proudly in The Yellow Building atrium alongside work by David Hockney, to Damien Hirst’s famous ‘spot painting’ in The George Building and specially commissioned sculptures by Philip King in the public realm.

Creativity plays an important role in the campus’s spirit and the evolving collection keeps this alive with celebrated curators continuing to source and add to it. Each month, we select one piece from the collection to celebrate on our latest news page.





With art truly at the heart of the campus, Breaker’s Place connects each building through an inspiring and beautiful outdoor space adorned with curated planting, seating areas and unique sculptures by Philip King and Alexandra de Cunha. Newly completed in 2020, Breaker’s Place sees the fruition of an ambitious project to bring artworks into the public realm for all to enjoy within a peaceful and open outdoor setting.



Frestonian Gallery presents an exciting and diverse exhibition programme within Frestonia’s People’s Hall, working in partnership with institutions, independent curators, and academics in realising both on and off-site creative projects. Defining its programme with the continuity of artistic endeavour in mind, the gallery exhibits a rotating calendar of established and emerging artists from across the world with works from names as varied as Lucian Freud, Sonia Delaunay and Bob & Roberta Smith.