Welcoming a new sustainable initiative to campus

We are excited to announce the latest initiatives coordinated to achieve our environmental and social goals. In the wake of COP26, we have reviewed the key processes and systems in place at Notting Dale campus with a view of contributing further to positive climate action.

We are proud to announce our partnership with London’s leading sustainable waste management company, Bywaters. Bywaters aim to improve recycling rates and sustainability through both plastic and cardon reduction, using their state-of-the-art solar powered recycling plant.

Clear end-to-end data on waste volume by type will be provided to help Notting Dale achieve our sustainability goals via the Savills run RISE audit scheme, for which we are already achieving the bronze award.

Through this new partnership with Bywaters, we are now aiming for the silver award.

We have been busy planting a wide range of wildflowers on The George Building’s two large terraces which will not only aid the expansion of biodiversity but will also provide water retention of 20 litres per square metre and help weatherproof the existing roofing. To provide high value pollination to the plants, we are exploring the option of installing beehives and free-standing vegetable planters, more to come on these initiatives.

The Yellow Building already harvests rainwater from the roof which is filtered and reused for the toilet flushing system throughout the building, as well as used to irrigate the trees and plants placed behind the building. This helps us to reduce the water usage within the building. To measure how much water we will be saving, water meters are currently being installed.

Five electric car charging points are available for use in The George Building basement car park on a pre-booked basis. We are currently in conversation with the local council to have more external charging points installed on Olaf St and giving consideration to providing more for our occupiers where we are able to on campus. We hope that this new initiative will help reduce emissions and contribute to London’s Zero Carbon goal by 2030.

Lastly, we have recently upgraded to low energy LED lighting on the fourth floor, Mezzanine, Atrium and soon-to-be fire exit staircases in The Yellow Building which will aid our energy usage and contributes to our overall sustainability plan and goals.

10 December 2021