Serena Hood and Lucinda Chambers discuss all things style in the lead up to London Fashion Week

As London hosts a bevy of new collections from the best of British fashion, we sat down with the team at one of Notting Dale’s newest tenants Collagerie for their take on London Fashion Week and all things style.

Throughout their impressive careers, co-founders Serena Hood and Lucinda Chambers have worked with some of the world’s best world fashion houses both independently and during their time at British Vogue. With their impeccable taste, commitment to sustainability and savvy eye for a great value item, Collagerie is the ultimate shortcut to truly enviable style, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and interiors.

With London Fashion Week coming up in a few weeks and an exciting new season of discoveries to enjoy, can you tell us the collections you are most looking forward to seeing and why?

SH: We are really excited to see our favourite established designers such as Erdem, Roksanda, Simone Rocha, JW Anderson and Emilia Wickstead to name just a few and then LFW always brings us fresh faces and new talent. This season we are looking forward to the first time Cos will hold a fashion show in London.

Some of the greatest fashion moments have come through the meeting of creative minds – Collagerie's S/S 21 collaboration with Notting Dale neighbours Penelope Chilvers comes to mind of course! If you could pair any two labels, names or designers together to create the dream collaboration who would you choose?

SH: One of the brilliant things about London is producing the unexpected, something as a general country we are really great at that. Our crafts people and artisans are really joining forces with the fashion community and vice versa so it would be great if 10 artists from The New Craftsman got together with ten designers and came up with a project where each learned new transferrable skills. Possibly workshopping together to show us their individual processes - that could be really fun and insightful!

Collagerie isn't limited to just fashion, with plenty of beautiful buys for our homes, and beauty treats for pampering too. What are your current top 3 must-have items that we shouldn't be without in our homes or handbags?

LC: I have my eye on a patchwork quilt in The Shop, it’s a red and cream check one and just wonderfully cheerful as we move towards autumn - something to look forward to! I’m loving Bobbi Browns’ new products, Jones Road. The moisturiser is rich and lovely, such a great texture. I’m also eyeing up a poncho, I’ve always loved them and as we start little by little to travel again, they make a great travelling companion. We have put quite a few up this week in our Santa Fe piece. Each one is a keeper!

The summer's been a bit of a let down but arguably the most exciting fashion season will soon be upon us – what are your top tips for buying and styling in this sometimes awkward in-between phase of warm and cold weather?

SH: I tend to buy quite classic things for the in-between seasons as then I know they are going to last. In our NormCore piece, there are some great khaki knits trench coats which you can’t really go wrong with. I've just bought the cropped green parka that was on our IGTV and it’s a great layering piece so if the weather suddenly turns you can throw the poncho on top and away you go.

Collagerie has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2019, what's next for the brand?

SH: We have so many plans for Collagerie we aren’t sure where to begin! To continue to produce great content, create more exciting collaborations (we have a couple of wonderful ones coming soon both in fashion and in interiors) and to take on more talented people, growing our team in our beautiful new office space!

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20 September 2021