Untitled (2013) - Observing the American’s sharp, bold works

Sitting boldly within The Yellow Building atrium’s art collection is American artist Amy Sillman’s striking untitled work created in 2013. The piece is a classic example of Sillman’s abstract style which utilises a remarkable combination of colour and shapes to create a bold, expressive art piece.

The paint is applied in varying consistencies and textures creating a contrasting range of defined and undefined elements to the piece. This exploration of collage, diagrammatic shapes and chaotic lines are often evident in her work and show a deep level of creative exploration.

Born in 1955 in Detroit, Michigan, Sillman graduated from Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts in 1979 going on to showcase her work in many of the west coast’s prominent galleries and museums. Her works have also been recognised by a number of esteemed institutions including the Guggenheim, Harvard University and Montserrat College of Art.

You can find Sillman’s piece sitting alongside Hockney’s spring iPad collection and Bayrle’s duck in residence.

10 August 2021