Baroque Egg with Bow (Blue/Turquoise), 1994 – a glittering delight within The Yellow Building

Each month we will shine a spotlight on one of the many pieces of art adorning the campus’s foyers and walls to delve a bit deeper on its creator and the work itself.

We are kicking things off with arguably one of the most unmissable sculptures on campus, sat proud and shining in The Yellow Building’s atrium, it is of course the Baroque Egg with Bow by renowned American artist Jeff Koons.

Koons’ The Baroque Egg With Bow is part of his Celebration series - modelled after a chocolate Easter egg, this piece memorialises a familiar and nostalgic object from our childhood in a baroque style.

Recreated in a striking scale and shimmering finish, this work appeals to multiple senses, with colours that delight our vision and the tactile rendering of the blue foil.


Jeff Koon's infamous Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons’ Baroque Egg in The Yellow Building atrium

30 October 2020