The beautifully chaotic ‘Collected & Composed’

Bringing a collection of beautiful chaos to the Frestonian Gallery is the London born artist Anna Freeman Bentley with a selection of her work from her 2020 solo exhibition ‘Collected & Composed’. The collection focuses on a series of flea market and junk shop environment, interpreted by Bentley with a bold mix of colours, compositions and subject matters.

Whilst each painting in the collection is void of human presence, the placement of the beautiful collection of items within each piece’s environment gives a sense of recent human interaction and allows for personal interpretation of what could have occurred in the time leading up to this snapshot.

Bentley is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has exhibited widely both in the UK and overseas. Her work has been acknowledged by a number of prestigious prizes including the Dentons Prize, East London Painting Prize and Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

This is Bentley’s second exhibition of her Collected & Composed series at the Frestonian Gallery offering a second chance to view her work. Looking towards the autumn, the gallery will be showcasing the work of another Frestonian regular Tim Braden with his exhibition Pinks, Greens, Violet with Cadmium Yellow launching on the 23rd September.

20 September 2021