…and it’s coming to Notting Dale!

Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is a true celebration of the incredible talents and cultural legacy of West London and with our unrivalled and striking contemporary art collection, we are proud to announce our participation in the event. Notting Dale will open its doors to the public to showcase some of our pieces. 

Creativity plays an important role in the campus’s spirit and the evolving collection keeps this alive with celebrated curators continuing to source and add to it.

Running from the 24th June to 4th July, visitors will be able to see the likes of Kimsooja’s Cities on the Move – 11633 Miles of Bottari Truck, 1998 – an attention grabbing 2 Ton Kyundair Truck piled high with colourful Bottari (cloth bundles sewn by Kimsooja herself) bound together to form an interactive piece of performance art. The truck sits in the atrium of The Yellow Building alongside other showcase pieces by Jeff Koons and David Hockney.

Also on show, is Alexandre Da Cunha’s MIX, which stands proudly at the centre of Breaker’s Place.

MIX takes the form of a reclaimed concrete mixer drum placed on top of a distinctive concrete plinth - its point of departure stems from the materiality of the site itself and the newly constructed buildings which use concrete as a primary material.

The large concrete plinth - standing at 2.5m high - becomes equal in presence to the monumentally-sized concrete drum looming above, whilst the drum itself is reclaimed and is coated in red-oxide paint – the coating used to prepare metals for use in building projects.

Our vibrant collection at Notting Dale spans a wide range of eras, media and styles, from Jeff Koons’ Baroque Egg with Bow, alongside work by David Hockney, to Damien Hirst’s famous ‘spot painting’ in The George Building and the newest specially commissioned sculpture by Philip King, Tra La La set to join MIX in Breaker’s Place.

The pieces reflect Notting Dale’s creative spirit and the world-leading creative talents of our occupiers, we are therefore thrilled to be showcasing such an important part of our campus as part of this prestigious celebration.

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07 June 2021