Exhibition celebrating the natural world.

Frestonian Gallery is delighted to present Soft Monuments, an exhibition bringing together the work of 8 artists who make work using an alchemy of ambiguous, organic forms drawn from the natural world. Here, traditional notions of monumentality are reimagined.

Utilising a spectrum of approaches ranging from directly figurative to nebulous and abstract, the works exhibited celebrate a type of ‘softness’ that isn’t defined by a lack of rigidity, but instead by an attempt to monumentalise something fleeting or temporary; things with a lifespan such as the human body and plant-life.  These artworks aim to capture forever this ephemerality, an inherent contradiction in their permanence as art objects.

The exhibition features work from:

Carolina Aguirre / Gianna Dispenza / Enam Gbewonyo / Maria Positano / Vanessa da Silva / Melania Toma / Jonathan Trayte / Laura White

Exhibition dates:  29 June - 5 August 2023


Gallery opening times:

Tuesday to Friday: 11am - 6pm

Saturday: Midday - 4pm

29 June 2023